OnSiteCinema for Nuit Blanche North, July 2018. Shoot 16mm/Regular 8mm film, process and project on site. Photos by Eric Lindgren and Elise Muller

Line in the Sand (2017, 4:55, double 8mm projected 16mm, b&w/sound), digital loop at Gilded Pear Gallery, Cedar Rapids Iowa, October 13 - November 24, 2017

On This Day, At This Time (installation/performance for Nuit Blanche North, July, 2017). Live video, interaction with a March Hare, punching in/out on the clock. Costume by Beverley Hawksley

Parkinspace, super 8 film with sound (+ live sound from the scene)

Home-made (with Beverley Hawksley) cinema - a "sauna cinema" this hot day!

Backstreet Urban Arts Festival, Huntsville, July 23, 2016

World Pinhole Photography Day, 2016: I set up my portable darkroom and brought cardboard pinhole cameras so the public could shoot and process photographs on the streets of Huntsville, Ontario.

Link to my page on the WPPD online gallery

Hopscotch With Father Time, for Nuit Blanche North in Huntsville, Ontario on July 11, 2015.

Beverley Hawksley created a floor cloth painting (hopscotch squares naming stages of a creative process) and a beauty costume; I performed as Father Time, demonstrating and encouraging viewers to throw the marker and hop the steps of creativity. Those who hopped received a miniature hourglass for their efforts.

In 2014, Beverley and I created "Express Yourselfie", a barker inviting all in to the selfie fun house of mirrors. In 2013 we created "Two Sides to Every Story" with a wandering troll asking if any of us would cross the bridge. In 2012, in an alley, we showed "Witness", a gold icon fridge with accompanying floor cloth full of fridge-iconic images, asking about "souvenir" while giving out miniature replica fridge magnets

sandy at sandymclennan.com

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